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We’ve helped many happy clients transform their situation from renting to owning. You’re just one step away from determining your borrowing capacity and discovering all your factual options to become a happy homeowner!


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No Hidden or extra Costs


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We have access to high performing areas. Your first step is knowing how much you can borrow, from here we can provide you with home options tailored to your needs and goals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leave the rental market with our no or low deposit house packages. It’s time for you to take advantage of the First Home Owners Grant and become a homeowner.

Can I Buy A House With Low Deposit in Australia?

Absolutely! Buying a house with low deposit has made life easier for thousands of first home buyers in various high performing locations in Australia.

No Hidden Costs

All of our house and land packages are 100% full turnkey. Just move in and enjoy!

Ask our team about the Australia First Home Owners Grant.

Happy Clients

We have access to registered land throughout Australia areas. Our New Home Consultants are specialists in new build homes and low deposit house and land packages.

Ask Us Anything


What is the first step?
Our first step is simple and very easy, we assess your situation and calculate how much you can borrow. Then we can go through all your new home options.
How much income do you need to earn?

Our first step is We don’t pre-judge anyone, income v debt equals how much you can borrow. Everyone is different and very easy, we assess your situation and calculate how much you can borrow. Then we can go through all your new home options.

Do we pay higher intrest rate because we have love deposit?
Not at all, our interest rates are very competitive. Our mortgage managers offer rates between 3.6 and 4.5 per cent depending on the lender.
What does borrowing capacity mean?
This is the amount you can borrow/or spend on your new home, subject to final approval.
What if I am not the first home buyer?
We have a range of options for clients who have owned a home before, your first step is knowing how much you can borrow.
Why do you assess everyone's situation?
Our assessment is easy but very precise and allows our consultants to advise all of your new home options without wasting your time.
What if we have a deposit?
With a deposit from as little as $7000, we can offer our house and land packages with custom additions such as ducted air conditioning to swimming pools.
Can I build in the location of my choice?
Yes you can, provided the estate is within our building locations. Once we know your borrowing capacity we can sit down and discuss options that suit.
Is this a scam?
Absolutely not and we invite you to do your own research to back our claim. Please read our reviews on Facebook and Google. Also, scroll down our Facebook page and you will see real people like you becoming homeowners.
Do you have reviews from previous clients?
Yes, we are proud to be a 5 Star new home Company. We have reviews both on Facebook and Google. We urge you to check through them as part of your own research. Unlike some companies, all our reviews are genuine.

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